Coaching for tech teams

You have a development team going great guns but no clear measure of its effectiveness.

A tech product can be a perpetual work in progress. But at some point along the way it has to deliver. B&R Digital’s effectiveness measurement helps you get there long before you hit version 8.0.
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More coordination, less consternation

You want your tech development efforts to run more like aerospace manufacturing, with an engineering culture that synergizes the value each supplier brings to the table. And minimizes the number of suppliers required to accomplish the task. B&R Digital does that.

Get teams to escape velocity fast

Using a tech audit, we slice and dice your available resources, weigh them against the task at hand, carefully onboard additional talent as needed, and lay out the building blocks for success, including process identification, functional structure, multidisciplinary coordination and leadership coaching. We help propel Team Velocity, quantify a team’s burn rate and capacity, unpack the overall effort into discrete targets and benchmark progress. And we guide you throughout the entire process.

Why choose Us?


From devs to managers, we'll make you deliver value more quickly

AgilityHelp your devs work faster

Leadership coachingHelp you leaders lead

tech urbanisationGet the most of your resources