On-demand tech outsourcing

You know precisely what you need but lack key people to nail it down.

Finding the right talent to onboard for a given task requires understanding the task and the available talent on the market. Talent costs and availability vary greatly, as does their actual “talent”. B&R Digital navigates all that for you.
Why choose Us?

We’re plugged in globally…and so are you

We have long nurtured a deep network of experienced developers and are much less affected by tight market conditions when it comes to procuring senior talent. And because we know a broad range of people and their availabilities, we can assemble teams fast at the right cost for you, spanning continents and time zones if needed.

Build a cohesive unit

B&R Digital makes sure that your in-house team and hard-to-find hired hands are compatible and work together seamlessly. Then we apply proven SCRUM methodology including breaking out teams and workflow in ways that maximize agility so you get to critical decision points faster, and full roll-out sooner.

Why choose Us?


Whatever you need to ship, we'll build the right team for you

Web applicationsFrom front to back

Mobile applicationsiOS and Android

Staff augmentationAugment your team – either offsite or onsite