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B&R helps companies deliver value by building strong leadership, smart methodology and empowered teams.

We are B&R Digital

We’re not there for the sake of the technology, we’re there to make it work for you.


We help you avoid tech bloat by focusing solely on value creation for your end users.


Deliver, learn, repeat. Our agile approach helps you execute your strategy with minimal financial risk.


As entrepreneurs ourselves, we know the best ideas are those that translate into action, adding value in practice, not theory


Our hands-on approach helps you leverage technology.
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The Problem: You have a clear business problem but no clear pathway to a solution.

The Fix: Lean product development. From idea to MVP.

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The Problem: You have a development team going great guns but no clear measure of its effectiveness.

The Fix: Coaching for tech teams

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The Problem: You know precisely what you need but lack key people to nail it down.

The Fix: On-demand tech outsourcing

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The Problem: You have terabytes of data but no clear means of extracting its value.

The Fix: Data-driven growth strategies



We’re not out to change the world or shift the paradigm, we’re there to help you deliver. Whether you’re a large company re-engineering your processes, or a small business developing a new product, let’s look at tech as a means to an end. That’s our path to creating value. Works for us. Works for you.

Don’t let technology wag the dog.

Technology isn’t the goal. Strong businesses are the goal. 
Don’t get caught in the all-consuming technology trap.

Add value in practice, not theory.

Blue sky thinking has a place, but you have customers and investors to answer to. We think long term and build short term.

Same team, way more effective.

You already have the human assets and knowledge 
you need to grow. Now empower them!

Helping leaders lead.

Great people can do great things faster when they are technologically enabled. We give them the tools.

You share the same vision? You think we can help?

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B&R was founded by Fred Brunel and Stephane Rossi, two business-minded technologists with a strong conviction: our work is superfluous unless it creates actual value down the road.
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Fred Brunel

From his teenage years in the hacker scene to his more recent exploits in mobile development, Fred’s been involved in every major wave of innovation that has converged to make our technological landscape what it is today. His broad experience in leadership roles and as an entrepreneur parallels an impressive portfolio of achievements, including the introduction of over 40 mobile apps for major brands and start-ups here in Canada and elsewhere. All of which owe their success to Fred’s feet-on-the-ground pragmatism, alloying the useful with the functional, discriminating between form and substance, and filtering useful signals from all the noise.
Nix Maxwell

Stephane Rossi

Any way you look at it, Stephane’s career path has been unique. With degrees in engineering physics and business administration, he began his working life leading a team in organic product certification in Burkina Faso. When love brought him to Montreal, he quickly embarked on the entrepreneurial track with three tech start-ups to his credit, including one that was acquired. His particular career experience has made him a man of both vision and practicality, able to bridge the all too frequent chasms between planning and implementation, between the blue skies of the meeting room and the reality on the ground. That’s the strength he brings to the table on behalf of our clients.

What Clients Say?

  • Customer Testimonails

    Partnering with B&R to accelerate our product development has been a great experience. They deliver great results and collaborate like we’re on the same team.

    Adrian Schauer CEO Alayacare
  • Customer Testimonails

    I retained the consulting services of Stéphane Rossi and Fred Brunel for a Fintech project. My experience with them has been very positive. They are competent, open, thoughtful and professional. They were able to connect the dots and they are quick. I felt well supported and I highly recommend their services.

    Elisabeth Préfontaine CEO

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